Helping the world communicate

Audience insight that actually provides insight.

Need to understand what people think and what that means for your business or organisation? Bombe decodes why - not just what.
At Bombe, our mission is to help organisations better connect with their customers by creating the best audience insight and targeting model in the world.

Just as Alan Turing used the Bombe machine to crack enigma, we use cutting edge ai techniques and audience modelling to allow organisations to scale up their influence and impact. Understand down to a postcode level who buys your products or uses your services, and why they do so. Our team of data scientists, leading pollsters and marketing experts have created the best audience data available.

Our Bombe Machine includes a Large Language Model, comprehensive audience modelling, AI focus groups, parliamentary modelling, impact of global trends analysis, an API, and advert targeting.

Everything you need to crack your audience insight problem in once place

We pull in opinion polling, open government info and your own data to help make sense of the complete picture.

  • Understand the why

    Our sophisticated opinion polling model helps you understand how UK consumers behave, and what that means for your business.

  • Bring your own data

    You've got data about your customers. Bombe helps you turn it into knowledge.

  • Intuitive

    Our AI does the work for you to help you not just understand - but act.

Built for insight

See what your customers think

On the key issues and what drives their behaviour and what messages will be effective or damaging to you.

See what MPs are saying

And how it impacts you.

See what adverts are being run

What people are searching, what topics are being discussed on social media and how it affects you.

See what topics are in the media

How it impacts you and which journalists are writing about your area.

See the sentiment of the public

With world class AI polling analysis, when an issue comes up urgently.

Want to work with us or have an an enquiry?

We're in closed beta, but here to help. Our white glove service will get your data onboarded and you'll start getting actionable insight in days, not months or years.